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Getting to Know You Dec 31, 2008


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Well tonight I will wathc the ball drop alone. I guess I won't really be alone. There are so many memories of New Years past to keep me company. So many people far away and those who are gone. I will also contemplate the fact that Johnny and I never got to spend a New Years eve together. That is hard to imagine because he has been so much a part of me for most of my life.

Tomorow I am cooking. I always like tradition and once you live in the South you can't get past cabbage and blackeyed peas. Sense I am not crazy about black eyed peas but figure I can use all of the health I can get I need to eat some so the best thing to do is share.

I have a neighbor who has become a dear friend. I have cooked cajun for her a couple of times so I have invited her. It will be the last time I cook for her because on the 9th she is moving to be closer to family. I also have another neighbor who is from Arkansas. She lost her husband last February and her and I have become close. So they will be my company. I plan on a good meal and some good laughs but also I am sure there will be a few tears. Then like I said that is all a part of the beauty of this thing we call life.

So the menu is cole slaw, smothered cabbage, blackeyed peas with pork roast and rice and gravy. I will also have some homemade crescent rolls, cranberry sause and olives. Peach cobbler will finish it off. Now after that I need to do some serious dieting for a few weeks because I know when I go to Louisiana next month I am bound to gain some more weight.

Happy New year to all and good eats as well. Don't forget blackeyed peas for health and cabbage for wealth, That one hasn't worked yet but then again maybe it has. Health and weath are much the same thing to most of us. Oh yea the pork roast and all of the other stuff is just plain good eating :!:

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well Judy - you know my answer - board games and make your own sundaes!

Happy New Years Everyone!!!

ps - Lily John - we lived in Texas the first year we were married and decided to do as the Texans did and have black eyed peas on New Years day - I think the whole bowl hit the garbage can and we have never tasted them again!! HaHa!

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Well I didn't tell what I was doing because I wasn't sure. I've been feeling a little poorly with a terrible sore throat today but I got myself up and fancied up to go to a party with my daughter, grandson and their friends. Of course, the one condition was that I have a car and drive myself home early. I was surprised I didn't get home til 10:30. It was fun--the karoke was hilarious. Now here I am catching up on my emails and the LC site. Don't know if I'll make it til midnight though.

Happy New Year all my LCSC friends.

Judy in Key West

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