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Found a "shadow"


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What does this mean? Moms most recent PET scan showed a shadow in the lower portion of her lung. (the same lung with the first tumor.) It is small and they want to do another scan in 6 weeks to see what it's doing. No one seems too worried, but the onc did say that one big bag of cysplatin would take care of it if is anything.

Does anyone know anything about shadows? Are they usually "something", rather than nothing? Could it be scarring from the radiation? For those of you with recurring tumors, is it usually clear what it is when they see it? Or is it always a mystery until a biopsy is done?

She dropped this bomb at CHRISTMAS DINNER!! After lieing to us that everything was fine. My mother is a real character.

Thanks in advance and hope you are all enjoying your long weekend.

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Geesh...at Christmas dinner, she must be a character. Anything that shows up needs to be followed up...shadow or otherwise. So good that they are doing that and can then treat as appropriate.

I think there was another post here recently re "shadows" as well but don't recall there being a clear response other than follow up.

Hope all works out for the best


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Oh my, maybe your mother figured she'd have you all together at Christmas dinner and could drop it casually. I does sound like something that needs to be followed up. I recall something about shadows lately too and, like Sandra, remember they were going to do a followup with a scan. It's pretty standard to be better safe than sorry.

Judy in Key West

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Yes, we are going to do another scan in 6 weeks to follow up. She was (is?) fighting some radiation pneumonitis. She has been taking steroids for a long time now. Maybe it's related to that. Maybe it's nothing. No one seems overly worried. BUt I guess this is just the way it is with LC. EVeryday is a fight and a blessing. My mom told me that she with kick it's butt, no matter what it is. I will keep you all updated. Thanks.

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Thanks Katie, I checked out that website, it's really great.

SO, here is the UPDATE. Mom's latest scan (CT) showed the same shadow, or spot. It apparently "lit up". It's the size of a lima bean.

The good news is that it could be anything, says the doc. It is located directly on the spot that was radiated. It needs to be biopsied to know for sure.

The bad news is that it has doubled in size since May. (it has apparently been there that long). Mom was given antibiotics to clear up any infection and has referred her back to the lung specialist for the biopsy.

If it is an infection or inflammation, is it common for it to change in size?? I didn't go with her to the appointment, so I still have unanswered questions. Just wanted to update you all.

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