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Betwixt and Between


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is how I feel about my status. The last CT scan I had was inconclusive and was compared to the wrong previous scan. The comparison was supposed to be redone but when I went for my appt yesterday..no can do. So they will ask again. I really need to know if I should be staying on Tarceva or not. And so I wait...

I am still exploring, and have had planning CT done for the bone cement procedure to hopefully relieve some of the pain in my back. The radiologists also seem to be taking their sweet time in analyzing the CT to see if the procedure is doable for me. And so I wait...

I had a bad cold after I got home from Mexico. It has cleared but the frog in my voice has not. It is quite annoying as I am unable to calll into another room and get anybody's attention. Very frustrating with a house full of animals and kids! So I was sent for an x-ray of my chest and throat yesterday afternoon to see what the heck is up with that. And I guess I will just wait patiently for those results as well.

So needless to say I am getting tired of waiting and I am tired of the pain. I hope things start to move a bit more quickly in the new year.


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Sandra, I hear you. The waiting is very frustrating, especially when there is really no reason for it.

Not that I would wish illness on anybody, but sometimes I wonder how many docs would realize the stress it causes if they understood what it was like to be on the other side of the stethoscope.

Larry's onc battled thyroid cancer. He remembers what it is like to be the patient. One of many reasons why he is both loved and respected.

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Sandra, as I so often say "waiting is the worst." In your case, you must be beginning to feel it's beyond absurd. How many mishaps should one person have to endure. Wonder if it would help if we all held our breaths until we turned blue? Well, it helps little kids get what they want/need.

Hope things turn around for you real soon. Oh and honey, about that voice, think of getting a real loud obnoxious whistle.

Judy in Key West

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