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Hey everyone. This will probably be my last post of the day becaue I'm going over to my daughter's house to meet up with her and Dominick and new boyfriend Tom. Tom and Dominick went to the movies this afternoon. Wendy and I shopped a lttle. I'll have dinner there and bring Dominick back here for the night. I told him this morning that today is really the end of the holiday, he'll be back to school tomorrow and life will go back to what it was pre-Christmas. He's been off school since noon Dec 19th, can you believe it! Wow, these kids are going to need a real re-adjustment.

I'm tired, ready to go home but my husband won't get here til late Wed or early Thur. Then we'll have to wait for Saturday when Tom and Wendy can help us get both our vehicles home. She offered to drive her Dad's Excursion while he drives the coach. Tom will follow in her car and they'll head back to Port St Lucie the same day with Dominick. That's one problem solved. I'm going to miss them but I need a rest and we're all supposed to met up Feb 7 and 8 at Disney.

Have a great day, what's left of it.

Judy in Key West

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Does sound like you have been very busy Judy.

Now Blueeye....telling us how warm it is there is not going to warm up where we are. LOL

Actually it is warming up here as well. It is -28C today.

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Oh Boy - my kids showed me a game on yahoo games called text twist and I played it for the last 3 hours - i have a bit of an addictive personality (which is why I never go near the casinos just a few minutes away!) - so I can see this will not be good!!

My oldest left today (she lives in Boston) and the tree came down - so I guess Christmas is officially over in our house.

goodnight everyone!

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