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Okay, I am going to piece this together as best possible because the report is too long.

Some interstitial infiltration is seen at each perihilar region, especially on the right. Some arterial calcification is seen in the right kidney.

It also goes on to state that the axial lung window sections taken reveal considerable interstitial infiltration at the right lower lobe with some sludge infiltration also noted in the lingula and lower lobe on the left.

The findings are worsened when compared to prior and may be secondary to intervening radiation therapy or pneumonia. Worsened bilateral pulmonary infiltration compatible with previous radiation or infection. Clinical correlation is recommended.

I don't remember there being anything regarding interstitial anything noted in the last report.

The right hilar mass now appears somewhat smaller. This measures 3.0 x 2.8cm versus 3.7 x 4.2cm. WOO HOO!! No pleural effusion is seen.

Thrombus is again seen at the decending thoracic aorta and appears worsened.

When I read over the whole report several times over and the more I read it the more it makes sense.

So what the heck is sludge infiltration? That's a new one for me.


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ok here is what I found for the cancer definition of infiltration so far....

The diffusion or accumulation in a tissue or cells of substances not normal to it or in amounts of the normal. Also, the material so accumulated.

I cant find anything for Sluge infiltration though! Maybe Dr West can tell Ya if your ONC cant!

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