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Patrick Swayze Interview w/Barbara Walters


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Hi All,

Although Patrick Swayze is fighting Pancreatic Cancer vs. Lung Cancer my mom and I couldn't help but identify with everything he said on the Barbara Walters Show last night. My mom had always been a major fan of him in fact we even named our last dog who has since passed Swayze. Cancer is cancer no matter how you slice it we can all identify with everyone going through it in some way or another. I said to my mom I can't believe he works on a movie set with chemo side effects etc. My mom then reminded me that not having your lungs affected is two different things. I think he is so brave though and I admire his bravery and attitude. He gave my mom hope last night and that is what we all rely on. Its about time for so much awareness of these diseases affecting the whole human race.


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I like Swayze...Roadhouse is one of my all time favorite movies.

I am impressed with his bravery. I didn't like that missed opportunity for Barbara to be informed that no one "asks for cancer" when she started in on the smoking thing.

Another missed opportunity...oh well. He still held his own on the question.

Still like Swayze!!!

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