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Getting to Know You - January 9


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Giraffe - because they're cool looking and have a blue tongue. Now, since it's all fantasy, I don't have to worry about a climate-controlled perfect pen, right? If I have to think about how it's housed, I want a miniature horse!

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No, Becky Snowflake....don't think we have to worry about food, housing or climate for this fantasy...lol.

I would love to have a big cat of some kind. Maybe a jaguar or a cougar would be neat. I love watching big cats.

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Hummingbirds and giant owls are cool, too. I could see having a hummingbird flitting around my head all day. :lol:

And a giant owl. An owl family lives in the woods right outside my bedroom window. I can remember a particular evening when the owls were being, well, amorous. I heard them hooting outside the window for so long...hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hooooo. Musically. I just giggled and giggled at them, they were so funny. Unfortunately, you can't describe it in words. You really had to be there. :lol:

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