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I have recently read this in an article, but unfortunately it does not look like a creditable website. I read:


Consult your physician before changing your diet, as many diets are too restrictive for continuous use. He may advise a combination of the following:

The diet should be predominately fresh, organic vegetables and fruit.

Include foods such as bitter apricot kernels – available from various UK suppliers.

NB apricot kernels and nuts are a good source of protein - they are foods, not medicine.

Drink at least 4 pints of non flouridated water per day – you are what you drink

Avoid refined sugar - cancer loves sugar.

Avoid meat and dairy products.

Avoid highly processed canned and frozen foods.

Aim for a body PH level of at least 7.4 – many cancer patients are acidic at 4.6

Include flax oil or milled flax seeds & cottage cheese or yoghurt – the Budwig Diet - Johanna Budwig.

Take a quality liquid vitamin and mineral supplement.

Take vitamin C crystals, to promote healing (1 teaspoonful or 4 grms/day might be reasonable) - research Linus Pauling.

Aim for one hour of full-spectrum sunlight per day, but avoid burning.

Avoid stress and worry and maintain a good mental attitude.

Exercise as prescribed by your physician.

SOME FOODS CONTAINING VITAMIN B17: apple seeds, apricot kernels, alfalfa sprouts, bamboo shoots, barley, beet tops, bitter almond, blackberries, boysenberries, brewer’s yeast, brown rice, buckwheat, cashews, cherry kernels, cranberries, currants, fava beans, flax seeds, garbanzo beans, gooseberries, huckleberries, lentils, lima beans, linseed meat, loganberries, macadamia nuts, millet, millet seed, peach kernels, pecans, plum kernels, quince, raspberries, sorghum cane syrup, spinach, sprouts (alfalfa, lentil, mung bean, buckwheat, garbanzo), strawberries, walnuts, watercress, yams.

Just wondering if anyone else on the board has tried this or thinks this may work. If anyone wants to read further into this nutritional article you can view it at, http://mysite.freeserve.com/cancermagic/index.html.

Thank you


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