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Friday's Air

Bruce u

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Hey what happened to the " air " threads ? Did I miss something and we are not permitted to laugh on here ? Come on, people enjoyed that and maybe got a chuckle during the day.

Another cold day in Yellowknife at -45C. But then again I am north of 60 in January.

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Maybe we all just got busy. Personally, I'm grateful to have survived this week at work. It's been really hectic.

My good friend's husband has been in ICU all week with an undiagnosed medical issue. So the rest of us are pinch-hitting and trying to plug all the holes. But we survived this week and are resting up to prepare for next week.

I'm happy to report that he has been moved into a regular room, but, unfortunately, that's all the good news I am able to pass along. He is still very, very ill.

Anyway, we would certainly appreciate any prayers you can spare.


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