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Saturday's Air

Bruce u

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Well it is still dark here in the knife. It is cold out though because the planes taking off and landing are really loud. I can also see the ice fog out on the street.

Well off to help a friend install hardwood flooring today. Geez I work harder on the weekend than I do at work during the week. LOL

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Good Morning I think. We have received about 5-5 inches of snow so far and it is still falling. I about got stuck down the street taking my bro to his community service. Our sides streets have not been plowed yet and I had no traction. It took me close to five minutes just to get to the end of the block. They have extended our snow forcast until approx 6 p.m.

While I was gone Tom got up and check his sugar which had plummeted to 49 and he said he could not see and was in a cold sweat. I got that taken care of but he is still not feeling that great. We are waiting for the doc's office to call back regarding the sugar. We have been playing phone tag with them for days. Tom called in his 2 week numbers as he was supposed to and they have been calling back but not leaving messages. We THINK they are calling back regarding what to do about the sugar.

We shall see. What a great morning. :roll:


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good afternoon everyone -

we are waiting for the snow here. It is supposed to start around 3 and snow until noon tomorrow - which is just great because I have to drive my daughter back to Boston tomorrow. She is more than ready to go back to school and i dread her mood if I have to tell her we can't go!

I am spending the day cleaning - i took down all the decorations yesterday and the dust underneath them is amazing.

I feel blessed though because this is the third time I have taken down the decorations thinking it would be the last ... God has been good.

Hope you get your answers from the doctors today Denise. I know how frustrating phone tag with tthe doctor can be.

Bruce - thanks for starting the airs these last two days - I think we all kind of wait for someone else to do it!


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Well we never heard from the doctor's office. One of the problems is that they make thier calls after hours and if you can't get to your phone before it cuts off they leave a message for you to call them back. Then when you do call them back you can't get through because the office is closed and it goes to the answering service. ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! Why do they do that? It has to change. This has been going on for 4 days now.

On another note I have my brother and one of Tom ex coworkers in my driveway with the snow blower and shovels. These 2 have got to be the most incompetent snow removal team in the history of man kind. We have ended up with about 8 inches so far and it's still falling but very lightly.


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Hey Bruce, thanks for starting the Air up again. I got really busy and tired the last several days in Port St Lucie. When I ducked in to post support, I noticed there hadn't been an Air in a few days. I thought maybe nobody else really cared about it so, even though I'd miss it, I figured I'd just let it go. Awwwwwwe, I'm so glad I'm not the only one.

It's Saturday night and we just sent the kids (daughter, boyfriend and grandson) back to Port St Lucie. I'm so tired and so glad to be home. I've had Dominick for most of the last three weeks and I'm going to miss him terribly. Especially so because my poor husband has to go back out on the road in four days. I really worry. He's going to be sixty-eight and this has got to be taking its toll on him. He expected someone else was going to take this job (in Ohio) but he cancelled today. Bummer.

Have a great evening everyone and see you tomorrow.

Judy in Key West

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