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freezing cold


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My father in law (on hospice since july and 'stable' so far) is experiencing a 'cold to the bone' feeling and can't seem to shake it. He doesn't have a fever....all vitals are normal. He stayed in bed all day today with PJ's, a robe, hat, mittens...electric blanket plugged in. Today is the first time he's not eaten all day either. I'm worried sick. This started on Thursday. Has anyone else had this experience?

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I am really not sure what to think. Is your father in law on any new meds at all? That is the only thing that came to mind when I read your post..

Please keep us posted and I am sure someone else will be along with hopefully more information for you.



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Hmmm definitely something to alert the docs too. I have never been so cold as I have been after being diagnosed. I figure it is to do with lower blood pressure and the combination of all the different chemos and drugs I have been on. Some days are worse than others. Not moving around alot does make it worse for sure. But if it has come on suddenly then I would think would be some cause for concern, so definitely follow it up.

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