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Lung Cancer?


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Not sure if this is the right place, if not I am sorry. Hello, I am really scared right now. I was diagnosed in November 2005 with colon cancer. I have been sick since. In 2007 they noticed some nodules on my lungs. The doctor has been doing CT scans since every 3 months. The nodules have been growing slowly. My past CT scan a week ago showed two that have enlarged (one in the right upper lobe and one in the left upper node) and several new nodules in addition to a "new" lymph node in the periaortic region. The considerations were diffuse granulomatous disease and metastatic disease. They have not ruled out cancer and are running tests at my insistence, doc wanted to wait another 3 months. I told him I have severe pains in my right chest area through my back, have coughed up traces of blood, very tired all the time, cough and short of breath most of the time. I also have high blood pressure, diabetes, hypothyroid (was given radioactive iodine treatment 2 years ago). I have been having severe pain in my upper abdomen, cannot hardly eat or I get sick to my stomach. I "lose" my voice or sound really rough all the time. My doctor said none of these would be a symptom of lung cancer. I just need some other ideas. Please let me know what you think.

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"Lung Cancer" would mean your primary cancer started with the lung. One of the places they look to Colon cCancer to spread is the lung.

This is not to say you do or don't have LC or CC that has spread to the lung, it could be other stuff as well.

However, I would go get a second opinion. Unfortunately, it seems as though one stop shopping is often not the case when it comes to these matters. I would recommend a second opinion and to please keep us posted.

BTW, I also think for your doctor to say "none of these are a symptom" is grossly incorrect. I also think LC or metastatic cancer from another region often don't have outright symptoms...so please get that second opinion.

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Hello and welcome to the family.

I am seconding what Nick said about a second opinion! I do not have lung cancer but was a caregiver on 2 occasions now and I agree that saying none of what you have are symptoms of lung cancer. I certainly AM glad you have been persistant in asking for more tests!

Please keep us posted and let us know what you find out. I am so sorry you are going through this but so glad you've found us and posted!

We will be here for you!



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