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Getting to KNow You - January 12


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1. I spend too much time there.

2. I spend too much time there.

3. I spend too much time there.

Seriously, I can log on for just one thing and that one thing will remind me of another thing and I end up spending hours surfing when I should be accomplishing other things.

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1) **Word not allowed**

2) Spam

3 Viruses from clicking on a Link!Or Anti viruses that are viruses to get Ya to buy their Anti virus!!

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Spam-- especially the **Word not allowed** junk. If I get one more e-mail on how to make my penis bigger I am going to scream. :lol:

All the information that is completely incorrect ( I made the mistake of Googling my company the other day).

Private information that should not be made public being available on the net.

Only three? I could go on and on.

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