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An Update on Tom


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Here's somewhat of an update on Tom.

He went to see the primary doc today and they had a nice long conversation so Tom says. He is now done with the predinsone and will not be put back on unless absolutely needed. We are hoping now that the moon face will go away and the blood sugars will normalize. The doc says his gut will go back down and hopefully the swelling in the feet as well now that he is off the steroids. I hope so too.

Funny thing is that the doc told him that the steroids can make you a real a$$ when you are on them. No sh**!! Ya think!! Tom was surprised to hear that. I however was not.

We also found out that he was supposed to be using the Symbicort inhaler all this time. We misheard during the last visit but he will start that up again. Tom is also still coughing up a lot of phlegm and the doc said that he will until it all clears out. Doc says his lungs sound a lot better than a couple of weeks ago so that's good news.

Another issue is his vision. Tom complains of blurry vision as well as what he describes as halos when his sugars are low which is mostly in the morning. The doc says that should happen when it's high not when it's low and could also be related to blood pressure. So the doc wrote him an order to see an opthamologist.

Tom was also supposed to go for the O2 titration test today but called and postponed it yet again. This time it was due to the brutally cold weather. We had a -26 wind chill today and it was hard for him to just get to the primary today.

Now I am supposed to keep an eye on his feet and toe nails. If the nails turn brown or the feet turn dark or black we are to go to the ER without delay.

So let's see... we have the O2, nebulizer, symbicort inhaler. plavix, simvastatin, glyburide, a baby aspirin and the cheratussin AC when needed. I think that will do for now.

We have this - windchill advisory through Friday night and tom has promised that he will not try to venture out of the house. Let hope he keeps to his word. It lightens my load knowing that when he stays home I know he keeps his oxygen on.

Well I think thats about long enough.

Thanks for reading


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Whew! Long list, Denise.

I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it must be to be the caregiver of a "difficult" patient. Hopefully, it has been the Prednisone that has been making Tom difficult, and he will go back to being a "nice guy" again once he's off it.

I don't think(?) Prednisone has made me more difficult, but how would I know? :D Actually, I think I've always been a difficult patient, but more in the sense of questioning my doctors' orders rather than disregarding them? :?

In the meantime, good luck to you both.



PS Setting aside my sick jokes above, you've read my past whines about Prednisone here and it most definitely can cause personality changes (back in 08/07, after 5 days of Prednisone-induced insomnia, I actually went into a 3 day psychotic episode so my fear--and respect--of that drug is extremely high). Ergo, I really do think there's a good chance Tom will do better attittude-wise when he's off it.

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Well, I know that prednisone made me a really, really unlikeable (sp?) person - and I only took it as part of chemo cocktails. Hope Tom starts feeling better soon and that he starts behaving himself when you're not home. Inside would be a really good place for him to stay. Good luck.

Thanks for the update.


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Steroids can be a blessing..............steroids can be a curse. Hopefully very soon Tom will be that sweet, lovable guy you once knew. And tell him if he's not, I will get the 'naughty' stool out and set him in the corner for a good long while!!!!


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Funny thing is that the doc told him that the steroids can make you a real a$$ when you are on them. No sh**!! Ya think!! Tom was surprised to hear that. I however was not.

You are so funny. Glad the doc told Tom. We rarely see ourselves as others see us, and it often takes an "outsider" to get our attention. I would nag my husband forever about a behavior with no result. Then a friend would tell him the same thing and whalla, he'd hear it and heed it.

Denise, it sounds like a long list of things to look after and check up on. But this is the most positive it's sounded for Tom in a long time. I'm happy for you and for him.

How's Jayla?

Judy in Key West

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