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What does PCI stand for?

gail p-m

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In laymans terms it means preventative brain radiation. From what I understand it is only offered for SCLC patients Who have no evidence of disease after chemo and radiation. It is a low dose of radiation given to the brain to kill any cancer cells which may be floating around due to chemo drugs cannot effectively get into the brain. This is my understanding, hopefully I am not too far off but I am sure someone will post more technical info if I am not quite right............OK, no comments from the peanut gallery.

David C

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It stands for Prophalactic Cranial Irradiation and its basically what Dave C posted, although my Drs' told me it was because sclc's favorite place to mets to was the brain. One Doc told me it would cut the chance by at least 40% and another seemed to feel that it would stop it all together.

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