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Saturday's Air


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Hey Y'all, no air today??? Must have dipped down below 65 and it's too cold for Judy to type! :lol:

Denise, so sorry about Dakota. RSV can be bad. I'm wondering if that's what I had a few months ago. Sounds like he got a nebulizer, huh? I finally got one for my asthma and it works very well. Anyway, I hope all is better for your family today.

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Thanks Leslie. Viv and Christy were a bit confused it seems when they left the hospital with Dakoda. He had the breathing treatment and the steroids while in the ER. They had a script that the took to the pharmacy but it was only for a pro-air inhaler with the tube thing to help him breath it in as he is only 4 months old. There is no standard treatment for RSV I hear and I guess the rest will work its way out in time.

Now if the DNA shows that Desmond is his father he might be prone to asthma as Desmond and several of his nephews and a niece also have. This could be the start of that or hopefully just a small hurdle in the childhood illness race.

Have a good night.


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Leslie, I started the Air, I swear I did at 2:30 this afternoon. It must have gone into the big black hole. Guess I didn't say anything too important LOL. I think I mentioned it was supposed to be 59 degrees today but the sun was shining after two overcast days so I was happy. I don't like overcast at all. It's supposed to get down to 58 on Tue and 57 on Wed. Chilly for us but I can remember a couple of years when it was down in the 40s.

I went out to dinner with neighbors tonight. There was a new couple and it was a good time. We go fairly regularly to an outdoor Italian restaurant where you can sit under the trees in what is called Duval Square eat too much and drink wine. It's actually on what we call upper Duval, well away from all the craziness. It was just a little chilly but they even serve a nice light blanket to keep you warm. What a town!

Nite everyone.

Judy in Key West

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