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Something Don Wood posted reminded me of this little incident.

I was just getting sober through AA and was having a very hard time believing in a higher power (after many years of being agnostic). A man with a lot more time sober than me told me this story.

Up in Alaska two men were in a bar argueing about the existance of God. The non-believer turned to the believer and said, "Look, I KNOW there isn't a God and I can prove it."

"How can you prove something like that?", the believer asked.

"Well", the non-beleiver said, "I was travelling from Anchorage up toward Nome by dog sled awhile back. Got caught in a terrible snow storm. Couldn't see a foot in front of my face. The sled tipped and I fell out. The dogs just kept on running and there I was, no food, no extra cloths, no shelter, and didn't even know where I was. Well, I figured I didn't have much of a chance anyway so I got down on my knees and tried a prayer. Said to God, 'God, if there realy IS a God, I'm in a real fix here. Sure would be nice if you could see your way to getting me out of this mess'."

"But .. but .. you MUST believe", the believer cried. "Your here!"

"Nah", the non-believer scoffed. "Some flippin' Eskimo came along, took me to his village and kept me warm and dry until the storm ended!"

Been any "Eskimos" in YOUR life lately? Sure has in mine!


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Dean, good story.

reminds me of this one..

There was an athiest professor who had a penchant for identifying Christians in his classes, and in front of the whole class demonstarting his "wisdom" on why there is "no God".

In one such class he blurted out does anyone here dare to believe in God?

One timid youg man raised is hand and said "yes" - the other students were frightened.

The professor then went on to say "If its true that God created everything, then he must have created evil as well... certainly evil exists."

The student replied....Sir does darkness exist?

The professor replied "OF COURSE darkness exists, havent you ever seen darkness ?"

"well sir, If I may correct you, Darkness is just the absence of light, so in fact darkness doesn't really exist in of itself"-- Then he asked the professor "does cold exist?"

By now the professor was becoming angry "of course cold exists!- haven't you ever felt cold???"

Well, sir. Cold is simple the absence of HEAT. It doesn't exist in any real energy form at all"

Then he took a bold step and asked "Sir, does EVIL exist?

By now the Professor exploded- "OF COURSE evil exists- look at all the murders, rapes, lying and cheating that takes place in this world !"

The boy quitely responded. "Well Sir, in actuality, evil does not exist. Like cold and darkness, It is only those areas where there is an absence of GOD" He sat down and the room was quite.

The Moral of the story- how can we as believers ensure that there is no "absense of God in peoples lives?" If not us, who? If not now , when?


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