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Fungal infections


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Has anyone gotten fungal infections(thrush) after chemo(Gemzar-carboplatin)? My husband had one after the last treatment but I thought it was from the antibiotics given after his 2nd chemo. But now he seems to have one again. It effects his voice. It sounds as if he has laryngitis.

:lol: I can't believe that when I called his new dr.(we switched last week) he answerd the page and immediately talked to me. He said if I don't have the prescription in an hour to call again. And to think that I questioned whether to switch. The other drs. were not this accessable. :x


Rosanne :)

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Dear Roseanne,

Almost every time I had chemo, I would get a fungal infection, under my arms and in other areas--not in my throat. The oncologist told me it was from low white blood counts and prescribed diflucan pills. They worked. I just had surgery earlier this month and have a patch of rash on my torso. One of my doctors told me to use Lotrimin cream on it.

I hope this helps you.


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My husband had the same thing happen to him with Gemzar/Carboplatin in his second round. He also ended up with an alergic reaction to the Gemzar that had symptoms like pnuemonia but was called mono--something.they gave him a month off to recuperate and have since started him on Carboplatin/Taxol once every three weeks. He goes for his second round this Tuesday. They treated his infection with Diflucan.

Donna D.

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Donna D,

did they do an x-ray when they thought he had pneumonia? Gianni's showed something in his left lung-the good one-they said it was pneumonia. Now I wonder if my husband actually had pneumonia the first time. This was with the first drs. The first time they gave him diflucan. This last time his fungal infection wasn't so bad. They gave him mycelex losenges(sp?)


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Sorry to take so long to reply, but I am working off of an old computer that seems to have a mind of it's own :lol:. When my husband was hopitalized in December he did have x-rays and the reaction showed up on them looking like pnuemonia. They also did a ultrsound on his legs and a ct-angiogram to look for blood clots (no clots, thank goodness). After 3 days in the hospital they decided it was an allergic reaction and sent him home on oxygen. After 2 weeks he was back in the hospital with what they thought was pnuemonia and turned out to be a virus after x-rays and blood tests were taken. Now he seems to be doing very well. He goes for second round of chemo on Tuesday.

The best of luck to you and your husband

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