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How to give Dad hope?


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Hey guys - I am deleting what i originally posted here because i may encourage my dad to come on the forum to see some of the great, inspirational stories and i don't want him to stumble across the post (that i have just replaced with this new message), recognize that it's his story based on some very specific details, and then worry about how it's affecting his family, on top of everything else he's going through. I hope that makes sense....and thanks again for your replies.

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For some inspiring stories chack out the good news forums!! THey are loaded with stories to give you and the family hope and inspiration to keep on fighting! Just about every one here has an inspirational story of survival and courage also! I am sorry you ahve to join us here but am glad you did. WE are always here to support and help our friends as best we can in nay way possible..

Hugs and Prayers for you and the Family today and Always

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Hello Hope and welcome to the "family"

I'm so sorry about all of the trials you and your family have been faced with! Please know that you have come to a wonderful place to find the support, information, advice and HOPE you need!

I can see one HUGE ray of hope in your post already, and that was the doctor saying that the type of lung cancer your dad has is the kind that responds well to radiation and chemo!

Once the treatment plan is in place and begins, things will become a bit more routine for you all.

One word of advice... please get a small notebook or planner and write down ALL the questions you have for the doctor. You can then write his answers down and keep notes on the appts etc. Also, ask for and obtain copies of ALL tests and results, treatments and meds. Keep all of this information in one place, all together so it is easily accessible for future needs.

Keep posting here and let us know how we can be of help.



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We are full of "HOPE" here.... WHY...there are so many on here who were told they wouldn't be. Ha!! beat those odds.

Your dad must keep a postive attitude as that is 1/2 of the battle. He has to believe that whatever is thrown at him he can take it. As we cannot let this monster get the best of us.

You're a great daughter to be by his side. Just keep encouraging him and loving him.

Let us kmow his progress.

You are so welcome here!


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