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Time for a group story.....


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Let's start writing on of our juicy and exciting group stories, since we haven't done this for a while . I think this time, we should use titles of television shows in our paragraphs.

I'll begin.

When I left the Office Today I walked down the street and who should I met up with but "Cagney and Lacey". They told me that they were feeling Young and Restless and that they were going to a Shindig at Peyton Place but they got "Lost". They wanted directions but the only people they met were a couple of "Desperate Housewives", who were looking for Cheers but while there were in "Boston, Legal" problems arose and they called "Matlock" to defend them. They had to call a "Taxi" to take them to a Little House on the Prairie where they were surprised to see Texas Walker" and his pup "Lassie and The Brady Bunch".

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The "House" had a great "Northern Exposure" and high ceilings for "Max Headroom". "This Old House" was home to "The Honeymooners" and the walls were covered with "Gunsmoke" residue from many "Newlywed" games leading to "Jeopardy". "Cops" were called often to quash the "Love, American Style"...

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Being YOUNG AND RESTLESS they wondered out the HOUSE and became LOST. As UGLY BETTY and her ENTOURAGE were wondering around and they found themselves in ANIMAL PLANET.(lions and tigers and bears, oh my) and only had 24 hours to get back home as they had wanted to watch the finality of DANCING WITH THE STARS.

They wondered around and were afraid that they would disappear WITHOUT A TRACE. They felt like BIG BROTHER was watching them. Then they saw them....a couple of SAPRONO'S who were hiding from a PRISON BREAK....

Maryanne :wink:

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