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My Hall Pass!!!


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I am taking a Hall passs to go on a real vacation NEXT WEEK!!! gonna be a tough one but it will help me ! Going on a Boat cruise for 5 days in grand caymans and Cozumel and No I wont rob a bank in Caymans for ANYBODY Including my self cause we all know thats where everyone keeps those hidden off shore Bank Accounts!! Will post and Take lots and Lots of Pictures My Little Camera holds about 600 Pictures so we shall see how many I can take!!!! :lol:

Dont Paniic if Ya dont see me I will be back to work after feb 2nd here!!!

Prayers Hugs and Stay safe!!

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Have a GREAT time Randy you really need a break and the Cayman's is beautiful!

I actually won a trip there from Gillette with all expenses paid. We had a ball! The water is breathtaking along with scenery. Try to do some snorkleing. Its beautiful under water and there are so many stingrays. Don't worry their friendly.

Yes, there certainly are a lot of banks there, but you won't find anything on me. lol

take care and enjoy your cruise, try not to eat too much! :roll:

Maryanne :wink:

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Leaving in the AM for Tammpa and unfortunately she is not a trained seeing eye dog so I cant go blind legally!!!! :wink::lol::lol::lol: She wil be home with Mike and He better take really good care of her or............................................ :shock:

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