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I have been tackling my ongoing fatigue with early bedtimes the last couple of nights. I felt pretty good when I got up this morning and hope to keep it there. My plan, be out of this computer and this chair by 9 am. Work a little and REST as soon as I feel tired instead of pushing through it for awhile like I usually do. There is a neighborhood potluck meeting I want to go to at 6 pm so that's my incentive to take it easy. I have a great cake in the freezer so my contribution to the dinner part of the meeting will be easy.

First my apologies to my northern friends but I didn't need the TV person to tell me it's even colder this morning than yesterday. We reportedly had a low of 48 in Key West last night. It's nearly nine and I am still cold.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Denise, I am so sorry. You have truly had more than your share these past months. Please take care, it is this kind of cumulative stress that gets people down. All you can do now is take deep breaths and try to relax, eat healthy and get plenty of rest. I can't empathize the rest strongly enough. Think of how much you have weather so far. You can do it, but sleep is essential to dealing effectively with stress. A little Ativan wouldn't hurt either.

Judy in Key West

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