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Lung Infiltrates?


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Hello - I am a newcomer to lung cancer through my husband, Glenn. He just had a CT scan after his 3rd cycle of chemo (stage 4, both lungs). Good news from the docs - his big tumor and one other are shrinking!

They also found what they are calling lung infiltrates. He has to have a bronchoscopy to find out what it is so it can be addressed before he continues with his chemo.

I haven't found a lot of info on it online and our doc called last night but he was tired and only talked to my husband for a few minutes.

Does anyone have any information or stories you could share so I have a better idea of what to expect?

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Infiltrates are just like little specs on a film. I had infiltrates that were found accidentally and were monitored and then they went away. Sometimes t hings just show on films that are nothing, hopefully the infiltrates will go away next time.

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