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News-- LCSC Chat Night information


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There will be some scheduled changes to our LCSC Tuesday Night Chats.

The forum is still GENERAL OPEN FORUM.

This means ALL topics discussed from introducing new members to the silliness that comes from being online "friends". Yes, I did say SILLY. The original reason we created general chats thanks to David A. and other original/founding LCSC members in 2003, was to escape the heaviness of cancer and just connect with other people on a social level. Amidst all the fun we've also connected with new members, supported and comforted them, welcomed and shared message board tips, and made great friends along the way.

We've also had specific chat nights throughout the years just for survivors, for spouses, family members, specific lung cancer topics and the Ask the Expert Chats...

If you are interested in hosting a specific chat and it is determined you are a qualified moderator for that subject matter, please contact me and I will be happy to schedule a live chat for our membership.

We will continue to have our GENERAL FORUM CHATS Tuesdays.

However, due to some administrative issues chat will no longer be held every Tuesday.

We will have GENERAL OPEN FORUM chat every other Tuesday (I will send out mass announcements the day before as a reminder twice a month) and I will be the chatroom moderator.

Chat times are still the same.




Thanks everyone and I hope to see you in chat next week.

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Maybe a reminder that the chat room doesn't close and people are welcome to just pop in and chat at any time? If a note is posted on the board that people will be in the chat room at a certain time, others can join - I've had some rousing chats with just a quick note on the board that I was looking for someone to talk to...

Every chat doesn't have to have a planned moderator, does it?

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No the chatrooms are left open to everyone.

You can connect with someone and chat live with them at any time. I always suggest using caution and courtsy when talking to someone you may not know one-on-one.

During scheduled chats we do need a moderator since there are many members and personalities on at one time and we send mass notifications to get members online at the same time.

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