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Lung Cancer and Tarceva


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Hi I am vicuna48 and I have lung cancer. I am taking a new oral chemo drug called Tarceva. I would like to know if anyone else is taking this and what sort of experinces they've had.

It is a new drug which costs $4000 a month, I receive help from The Chronic Disease fund. I'd like to know if ther are other fund out there.

If anyone has any info on either of these things I sure wish you would share it.

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Hello Vicuna and welcome to the site.

As cat has already told you, you can use the search option at the top to get much more information about Tarceva. We do in fact have many members here who are on that particular drug and they are an invaluable source of information and advice.

Please tell us some more about yourself as that will make it easier to help you with information etc.

Have a look around the site and please keep posting and let us know how we can help you.



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Genentech, the company which markets Tarceva in the U.S., has a program that provides assistance to patients who are uninsured or who cannot aford their insurance co-pay costs. Start here:


Also be sure to check out the link in cat127's response. If any of that reading brings up additional questions, which it probably will, don't hesitate to ask. Aloha,


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Thank you for your experience with the drug. I need to know what others have experienced with Tarceva.

I was diagnosed in July of 05 and had the lower lobe of my left lung and 2 ribs removed in Dec.

I went through the chemo infusion and then after 2 1/2 they started me on Tarceva 150 mg. The dosage had to be reduced because the dehydration caused the skin to peel off my hands like a glove.

Now I find that I get very dehydrated and am very tired. I would be vey glad to hear what sort effects others are having.

Thank you, Vicuna.

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