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An overdue update

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Well here is well overdue update on my mom and myself. Well I want you all to know I do still read daily just have a hard time finding time to reply. Well I was just sitting around on the computer and looked in my mailbox here at LCSC and I have messages from Aprill 4, 2005. I cannot believe it is 2009 and my life is pretty much "normal" of courst that is the new norm. I have realized that my mom is a new lady and still just as wonderful as before cancer.

Update on my mom. She is doing fantastic. I feel horrible because I actually don't know when her next appt is. But she is living life and traveling with dad for my dads work. She is very happy having the freedom to travel and feel like she is in good enough health to do it. She has maintained her weight gain. She was 103 lbs. when she was diagnosed and is now about 125 lbs. She looks so healthy. I will post a avatar as soon as I figure it out. (I have a picture in mind but it is not all that good of me :oops: )

Update on me. I am still working part time at a wound care clinic. I also have a part time job taking care of a elderly gentleman. My husband was laid off from work for about the last two months thankfully they called him back cause it was getting hard dealing with him :shock: My little guy is in 2nd grade and my daughter is 3 today. It is sad but yet such a milestone :D

So that is enough of nothing about us. My prayers continue for everyone here. Much love.


Oh I also forgot to put on here that I did have lap band surgery on October 31st. It has been challenging although I have had weight loss. I started at 281.1 pounds and now I am 247.6! But whos counting :twisted:

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