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After the hospice visit of 1/15/09, the nurse said they'd be doing blood work to determine kidney and liver function. She had a meeting with the overseeing doctor the next day, and when she came to visit Bob the following week, she said that the doctor didn't order the test. He said that as long as Bob's weight is the same, his vitals are the same, there is no need to do the test. By now the feeling of being cold, and having chills has passed and he hasn't had another episode, so I didn't press it. On Sunday, he had a lot of pain (in the usual places) but also complained of pain across the lower abdomen. He took his darvocet and slept most of the day, and he didn't eat. He did drink an Ensure around dinnertime, but that was all. On Monday the pain was less, but he still didn't have the energy to get out of bed, and didn't eat except another Ensure. He also was not talking; making gestures for what he wanted (water for example). I'm going over there today to see how he is....I'm afraid this is the beginning of the end. Any thoughts?

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