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My best friend more like a sister than a friend just found out that her cancer is back. She had lung cancer. Non small cell. She received chemo therapy and has been cancer free for 3 years so this is devastating news. It is in her chest area and lymph nodes. I am trying to be a good support for her.

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Hello Carol and welcome

I am so sorry to hear about your friend but I am very glad you found this site!

Please read through the good news forum as there is so much inspiration to be found there. We have many survivors here who will be happy to offer you AND your friend advice and support. I hope your friend will come and join us too!!

Keep posting!


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Carol, you don't say what stage cancer your friend had but mine is 111b and if I found out next week that it was back after 10 weeks remission, I'd be devastated too. But three years, I imagine you start to really let your guard down. I'm a very positive person but you never know, so this is what I've been doing. I'm focusing on people who have had recurrances and survived. Tell your friend this from me. Earlier this week I met a woman, I'm guessing seventyish, who had lung cancer three times in seven years, most recently about six months ago. She seems very healthy and able, says the only thing that bothers her is her arthritis that is giving her a fit. O.k., so you keep focused on those folks that were disappointed it came back but just got treated again and go on living.

Judy in Key West

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Thanks Judy and everyone for the encouragement and positive meesages. I repeat them all to Marilyn. The Doc really dropped the ball on her. She ad a cat scan last October that showed "abnormalities". She didn't find out till this month. He is the only oncologist in town. Lake Havasu Arizona. There is a new cancer center opening in Arizona. The medicare division will be open hopefully in March. She will be going. Thanks again everyone.


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Welcome Carol. I'm sorry to hear about Marilyn. Please keep coming here and posting. You will find this site full of information, support, hope and encouragement. Hopefully that medicare division opens sooner rather than later.


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