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Drum Roll Please!!!!


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He's a survivor

He's not gonna give up

He's a survivor

Keep on surviving!!!

On January 29th 2008 our world was torn apart. I did not think that I would still have my husband with me 1 year later.

Tom asked the doctor what kind of time was he looking at if he opted for no treatment. The doc said "Then this time next year we will not be having this conversation." Tom countered with, "Then I suppose we should get started."

Everything happened so quickly. From the time he had the x-ray until the 1st round of chemo was just 27 days. By what I have read on these boards is pretty gosh darned fast compared to others that have an excrutiating wait of months before a treatment plan was in place let alone start the first treatment. Hardly time to absorb it all. In that respect I think we were pretty lucky.

We've had many bumps along the road but he is still here. Even though he has his oxygen basically 24/7 he can still get out and do things for himself.

Tom in addition to being a 1 year Lung Cancer survivor will also be a 5 year quadruple bypass survivor on Feb 2nd.

The last couple of months have been pretty crappy but damn it we are still here. We are still surviving and every morning I wake up next to my husband and he opens his eyes and says "good morning beautiful" is a gift.

This site has been the biggest gift of all. I don't know what I would have done without you guys. Your love, support, encouragement, prayers and downright goofiness at times have seen me through some pretty dark days.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

We are here God and we aren't going away that easy!!

Can I do the happy dance now?


The wife of a survivor


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