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Hi, my name is Lori I'm new to this site and wanted to share my story. In Nov. 06 I was told I had a 7mm tumor attached to the outer right lung.Pancoast tumor is what it was called.I had gone to the doctor because I was having trouble with my right arm and hand. Years before I had tore a tendon and it never was the same since. Actually I when first to the emergency room and was told I had carpal tunnel to see my doctor. So my doctor didn't think it was car pol tunnel but he was going to do some test on other things that was troubling me.First a chest x ray was done because I ask my doc. to help me quit smoking. The x ray showed the tumor which was to large to remove.I started chemo and radiation at the same time. Both in Dec 06.A pet scan had show some other areas of question so they told me the cancer had already spread.I found this out a year later,but they had told my husband in Dec 06 that I had maybe 1 year to live.By Jan.07 a month after my diagnose I Had lost my hair and was sicker then I ever thought I could be.I finished rad.on Feb14,07.and finished chemo in April of 07.In July of 07 I was going for a 3month ct scan and the scan came back great. The tumor was 5mm and the other spots were gone. There was 1 spot left that was questionable so they did a biopsy. The spot was so small they ended up knot being able to biopsy it. It was now possible the tumor could be removed. I need a spinal doctors opinion because the tumor was up against or laying on a small part of my spine.I went to the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa Florida and found the right doctors to do the surgery.The danger of the surgery was the spine was involved. The tumor ended up laying on a small part of the spine so when they removed the tumor apart of the spine was lift as the tumor was removed. I could not move or use my legs after surgery. The spinal surgeon was sure i didn't have any major damage but there could be some minor problems from surgery. I was told all this could happen but chose to go forward with the surgery. I spent 10 days in the hospital and was then sent to rehabilitation to learn how to walk and do basic stuff. I was in rehab for 10 day and went home using a walker.I stop using the walker a week after I was home. Although I'm still using pain meds it's been a year since surgery and most days our better then the day before.I ended up with neuropathy from chemo so I still have problems with my feet and hands. All my pain is from movements,Lifting,turning,reaching, etc.just HAD A PET/CT SCAN AND ALL IS CLEAR . I'm now going every 6 months in stead of every 3 months.I was on every three months longer because the surgery area was lighting up. Now it decreased so the are comfortable to move me to ever6 months. Well that's my story for now.Any pancoast tumor people keep in touch.I also forgot I had 3 ribs removed.And nerves cut.Would like to hear from other with the same kind of tumor to hear your story. cat women

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Welcome to the site and thank you for sharing your story. I'm not at all familiar with the type of cancer you had, but maybe there are others that are and will share their stories and information with you.

I wish you all the best. Keep us updated on your progress.


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