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Still waiting


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It has been 7 weeks since my mom passed. I still expect to hear her voice on the phone. I pick up the phone to call her. I cry at least once a day. I just am not sure how to go forward. Don't get me wrong...I am working and going to sports with the kids and doing all those things....but there are times it just feels I am going thru the motions. There are even times I feel guilty. The world keeps going even though for me it feels like it should have stopped. It a sense it did!

I can't really explain it...I just know it makes my heart ache to know that there are so many others here who will understand! No words needed!

I just don't know how to move forward.......... Is it going to be a "NEW" "new normal" WIll it ever be "normal" to not have my mom. I am 34 and my mom isn't here.....I still need her!

Thank you for letting me ramble!


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Hi Dana

Dana no matter what age we are, we will always need our parents. My Mom passed away from L/C over 10 years ago. Reading your story brings back memories for me. I moved to the opposite end of Canada so we talked on the phone alot. Whenever I answered the phone, she would begin the conversation with " yeah......" There are times even now I answer the phone and I expect to hear that word beginning a sentence. But when that thought crosses my mind now I smile because I remember those times fondly. Whenever you are feeling down, just talk to your Mom. I'm sure she is watching over you. Take care Dana.

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Hello Dana,Im sorry about your loss.I agree with what Bruce said about talking to your mom.I remember watching an old 60 minutes show that was about George Burns.At one point in the show they were at his late wife Gracie's tomb and George was speaking to her.The 60 minutes guy asked him if he thought she could hear him and George responed ( I dont know but it makes me feel better). I still talk to my folks sometimes and they have been gone a number of years.I also dont know if they can hear me but it does make me feel better.I wish you the best in your tough moments.

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I always say Talking to your loved ones under the stares at nite is good therapy!! It worked for me . Its been 7 weeks and it does take a while for things to sink in. THis is the New Normal which is the really bad one. In time things will get easier to deal with. Sad part is the pain never really goes away just gets a little easier to handle, but even that is after a great deal of time. I Still cry sometimes just not as often and its been 3 years. Dont get me wrong, Losing a parent and losing a spouse are 2 different things, But they are still a loss of a loved one.I hope the days get brighter and THE nights get peaceful for Ya Dana. Hugs and Prayers!!! Randy.

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I get it too Dana and I'm sorry.

I was going through the motions at first too and I thought I was doing OK. But I really wasn't. You do get better, and you stop trying to call her...but I still have tears. I teared up at my quilt class because Mom would have loved the long arm quilting machine. And I often tear up at Wal-Mart...she loved that store. Anytime I see a little white haired older lady I wonder what my Mom would have looked like if she had made it.

Hugs to you,

May we all find peace.


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25 years ago for me. Still are days that I miss her or wish she could meet someone or see something or taste something. I went on a light Rx for a short while and some counseling. Took myself off both pretty quickly. The best therapy I got was a giant family reunion a couple of months after she died. All her side of the family, a lot she knew who could tell me stories from her youth. That was a blessing in the form of uncommon acceptance and love. I hope you have great memories.


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The early days and that damn phone! All I wanted was for that darn phone to ring and have it be mom. Or pick up the phone and call.

I still have days where I for a split second am compelled to pick up the phone...it's been 2 1/2 years almost.

I too am 34 and my mom isn't here and she was certainly supposed to be. You are not alone in that feeling. It's totally normal.

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I get it too....

7 Months for me.....

Dream about her almost every night.

The phone thing has stopped although when someone calls real late

@ night I think it might be her and something is wrong.

I miss her every single day and all I want to do is talk to her one more time

I still cry when I least expect it. I turned 40 3 months after she died and have 2 kids 10 and 6 and I know my little one will never remember her. They were her world.

This is the one place you know you can come to and everyone understands....

Take Care of yourself.


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