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Hi Everyone


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I am new to this board, but not to Lung cancer - I have been battling the beast for 3 years - but just can upon this board - I am not sure why I haven't found it before - I donate to this foundation regularly but just guess I didn't go into the website far enough. Anyway, my name is Pamee, I am 49 years old, divorced, a never smoker who has adenocarcinoma with BAC Stage IV. My cancer was found when I was deployed to Qatar with the Air Force Reserves - I had a chronic cough that just would not go away - so they just decided to do a chest x-ray as a last ditch effort - and low and behold - I had something there - the next day I was sent to Doha for a CT scan where they determined that I had 6 tumors in my lungs - I was medevaced to Landstuhl Germany the next day - my first hope was that it was a fungus in my lungs and I was sent back to my home base after a week - but after several tests and 2 months, thinking I had ovarian, kidney and liver cancer - it sounded good to only have lung cancer - of course that was before I knew my lung cancer was terminal - boy you learn a lot fast. I was told I only had 12-18 months - that is another thing I learned - I don't let anyone put an expiration date on me because God didn't put one on me anywhere so I am not going to let anyone here on earth start! I have been treated with 6 rounds of carboplatin/gemzar, 18 months of Tarceva, 3 rounds of Alimta and now I am presently on Taxotere and have had 14 treatments which I will stay with as long as my cancer stays stable. I just recently had a brain MRI and had a lesion that is suspicious so I have an appointment with a Neurosurgeon this Thursday 5 Feb, I will be happy to see what he thinks this is and if it is something to be concerned about. I do not worry about anything I leave it all in the hands of God - He has brought me this far and I feel very blessed- so I figure why mess with a good thing. I look forward to meeting everyone.


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Hello Pamee and welcome to the family!

I am so glad you finally found us and have posted. It sounds like the treatments thus far have gone fairly well. I hope the lesion that was found on the scan is nothing major!

Thank you for your service to this country. My son is heading to Afghanistan within the next year and I so appreciate all that our troops have done and continue to do.



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Hi Pamee-

Welcome to the forum. I LOVE your attitutude and it will do you well with this disease. Thank God you do not listen to statistics - I was told 12 months tops and that was 28 months ago!!

Sounds like you have a great treatment plan in place and I do so hope that the suspicious spot they found turns out to be nothing.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hi, Pamee, welcome to the group! I'm an Air Force retiree, from the days when Southeast Asia was the big thing. You have a great attitude, especially about the "terminal" word. I figure I was terminal at birth, and everybody I know was too.

Good luck with the brain lesion. Even if it is a met, they can be treated quite successfully these days. Aloha,


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Hi Pamee,

It's great to meet you, but I am sorry you had the need to find us. You'll find this group to be very supportive and knowegable.

My story is at the bottom of my posts if you want to go read it. I'm glad you've beat the beast the last 3 years. This is not an easy ride by no means, but it is doable and we do survive it. The road gets bumpy and we just climb over the bumps the best we can. Sounds like you've been doing some climbing. We are here to help you though the rough spots.

I'll keep you in my thoughts and paryers for Thursday. Sending you Positive Vibes.

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