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Tuesday's Air


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Morning all. Another sunny, windy sixty-something day in Key West. I know how all you Northerners have suffered this year, but I said this morning that this is probably the winter we've been the coolest for so many days on end. Think it's really affected the tourist trade too.

This is my last post for awhile today. I need to do all that last minute packing. We have a party at neighbors' tonight and would like to get an early start in the morning. Of course, I'll be in and out with my wireless internet device so it hardly ever seems I'm away. Remember the phrase, like a bad penny!

Judy in Key West

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Do you mean Judy that there are not as many snowbirds around as usual ? LOL

Well if you are not at chat tonight, take care and have a great trip. Oh and have fun at your luncheon.

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Hello All,

Cold and windy today.. yuck.. but nicer weather predicted for the weekend.. which is fine with me.. I am having my birthday party on Saturday, so that opens up the door for more options on what to wear! By the time my b-day rolls around I am sooo sick of winter!

Well I am off to my 8th funeral today. My aunt passed away on Sunday.. she was only 57. She had MS. I sound like a broken record.. off to another funeral, oh hey, guess what.. I have another funeral to go too... BLAH!!!! I have been expecting (waiting?) for this to happen though, so I knew that it wasn't "over" the last time I had a funeral.

Well I best be getting ready... I need to pick up all the stinking toys in the living room before the sitter gets here!

Hope to be at chat, but we will see!


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Good Morning. I am back at work now and since nobody opened my e-mail I have 44 messages to answer. Thought I'd check in right quick though.

After I got here and changed my desk calender out I realized that today is Tom's 5 year quad bypass survival day.



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Oh no Bruce, the snowbirds are here to be distinguished from the tourists. The snowbirds come down every year and act like they are locals owning the island. We and other real full-timers keep things from dying throughout the other 7 or 8 months of the year. The tourists are the visitors to the island who we mostly love because they come to have fun and spend money. Thanks for reminding me of chat.

Shelli, that is just way too much--8 funerals in what, I'm sure it's been less than a year. So sorry. Hope your gut tells you this time it's the last for awhile. Told you on my BDay thread, love the new pic.

Denise, so glad you found another milestone of Tom's to celebrate. YEAH!!!

Judy in Key West

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