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My milestones


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I wanted to share several milestones I have/will reach in the next 30 days:

5 Year Adenocarcinoma survivor - Initially staged IIIa

3 year stage IV survivor

3 years taking Tarceva daily

2 years of Avastin every 3 weeks

2 weeks since stereotactic radiation surgery to my spine - t10

My Treatments included Cisplastin, VP16, Taxotere, Iressa, Tarceva, Avastin, radiation to chest, spine, pelvis, skull, stereotactic radiation to spine, paralyzed vocal cord, vocal cord implant, rapid heart rate, depression/anxiety over 5 years

AND I feel pretty darn good!! A little weathered, breathless, and crazy but enjoying live.

I want to remind everyone that statistics can't predict how you will fair with a lung cancer diagnosis.

I will forever be grateful to this site, Katie B, Rick B, Connie B and its members for giving me the hope I needed in the last 5 years. No words can really express my appreciation.

Keep hope in your heart,


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