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The other shoe has dropped


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CT/PET results in January confirmed a recurrence of my cancer with multiple new nodules showing up in both lungs, lymph nodes, and a spot on the liver. Yesterday I had a bone scan and do not have the results from that yet.

I started TARCEVA last night. A whole different story is that the insurance company has refused to pay it because I've not failed another line of chemo first. We contacted the Genentech and they were going to try to help get some while the insurance thing is being contested, but we earned $6000 too much to qualify for free help :roll: , so we went ahead and bought a month's supply ourselves to get started. Hope we don't have to do that too often :!::!::!:

I will certainly be posting and reading faithfully now! If there are any Tarceva posters out there with good hints and information for me, please post or send me messages. Any and all help appreciated.

Bruce and I put the almost seven-year respite to good use . . . traveling, building a new house, visiting friends and family. We're on a new journey now.

Love to all!

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It was not mets but a new cancer---I am waiting to hear the same thing about me down the road

If you are prone to cancer, my Doctor said it will come back sometimes

I hope you keep the same positive attitude you always did

my thoughts are with you

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I am so sorry to read this news. I imagine this is why none of us feel safe from recurrence no matter our stage.

After this many years I am guessing it is BAC once again (and obviously very slow growing?) I am hoping that Tarceva kicks some cancer butt - you know we are in your corner. Let us know how things are going on the Tarceva and I sure hope you only have to pay for the one month - I hear that it is very expensive.

Take care,


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My heart sunk when I saw the title of your post. Tarceva (and Iressa before that) held John stable a long time. I have been reading that they are thinking of bringing Iressa back so you may be able to get on a trial for that. Your onc should have someone in his office that can fight the insurance company for you and get it approved. Good luck.

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Sorry to hear about the newest results. Hold out hope, Tarceva has done wonders for Colleen.

We just had a thread started by Barb73 which had a lot of useful information from people who have had experience with taking tarceva. A lot of godd info in it.

Hang in there!

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Wow, after 7 years of no recurrence, you must be stunned. So sorry to hear this. It's another reminder for all of us all that NED may not be permanent. Good luck, I hope the Tarceva works great for you.

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You have first and foremost always been an inspiration and you still are. I really choked up when I read this and I am just so sorry you have had a recurrence , but I know you will give this fight your all. Let others support you the way you have supported so many of us. I hope the Tarceva kicks some cancer butt and that you will be able to get it paid for. There is a lot of information in the archives here on the subject of Tarceva.



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Oh Tiny!!!

As much as we love you I was happily content to let you disappear from here altogether!

I can't imagine how you're feeling...I'm so sorry.

I hope that this is just a small "break" in your travels and exciting life journeys. Just a small break and then you'll be off again. I will pray that for you.

Please contact me offline about your Tarceva delima (details, etc..) if you can/want to.

I am having a meeting next week and would like to bring your issues straight to the table and to the top- and see what kind of response I get or help I could be.


I do know that they are changing alot of requirements for their access solutions program and maybe there's some way to help you.

You know we are all here for you. Many new faces, some familiar faces- we are all here for you.


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Oh Tiny, I always love when you check in, but this is not the kind of check in I thought we would hear from you my friend. :( Although, we never know what this baffling beast will do. :evil:

I am so sorry to hear this news. But please know I am cheering you on. (not that I ever stopped). (((((Tiny & Bruce))))

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Well darnitall, Tiny. I just got to know you a little bit some years ago for you were off on your many adventures. I always enjoyed your updates. I'm not enjoying this one though. May this be no more than a bump in the road until you are on your way to another many years of NED. Many positive thoughts and wishes coming from the other side of the country. Let us know how things go. And I sure hope you get the Tarceva issue straightened out to your satisfactioin real soon.


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I am so sorry to read that you have had a recurrence of this awful disease. I HATE IT SO MUCH! I hope and pray that you will receive the treatment that you need to get rid of the cancer and put you back into NED status.


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Tiny, Iam so sorry to hear about your reoccurance. I really though you were doing fine. What a shock!

Please keep us posted to let us know who the meds are working. Some insurance companies really suck when it comes to Chemo, scans etc. I know some have protocalls you have to try first.

Its like you don't have enough to deal with and on top of it you have to fight with them.

Thinking of you and sending you out healing prayers.


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I am very sorry to know that you are dealing with lung cancer once again.

Tiny, there are so many new drugs that have come aboard over the interim since your initial NED.

Certainly, anyone can be a Polyanna, but when I tell you that there are things that can kick butt, that is no stretch.

As to the payments for Tarceva, I wish you a speedy resolution for that issue. One does NOT :evil: need to be dealing with a huge payment for a chemotherapy drug on top of other more important concerns.

May Tarceva do the trick in erasing, diminishing, and/or holding things stable, preferably - that it be once again NED.

Wishing you success,


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