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Calling all Survivors.....I need your help!


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So even though my dad got what I consider to be good news he still is majorly down in the dumps and taking the family down with him.

Now he doesnt even want to celebrate christmas because he may not be here next year...heck no one knows if they will be around for another year or not but that doesnt stop you from celebrating the now..right?

He feels that since he has not had surgery and is not a candidate for it that he will not beat this..........sooooo this is where I need your help!

If you or someone you know has gone through chemo and rad but did not have surgery and are a survivor, please share with me your story. I need to be able to show him proof that it can be done.

Either reply to this post or send me a private message...Thanks in advance!


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Tracy, my wife was diagnosed with NSCLC with five bone mets in Oct. 2002. At Christmas, she was in the ICU unit of our local hospital with systemic staph infection. After she got over the infection, she began chemo and radiation, which were interrupted by the hospitalizing. She finished treatment last May. In August, she had bilateral pneumonia and was in the hopsital almost a month. Today she is doing well. Last Christmas she believed she would not be around for this Christmas, and she is so excited about this one coming up. She's still here! So, tell your dad nothing is certain. He could well be here next Christmas and we hope that for him. Cellebrate the holidays. Don

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Your dad needs to know that there is no 100% fatal lung cancer. Even with low percentages with only chemo and/or radiation, the survivors number in the thousands!!! If you dad chooses to give up, it's his choice, even tho, not to my way of thinking, a good choice. He needs to get a positive attitude!! Has he tried antidepressants? Might be a good idea.


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Tell you dad that he can only celebrate the day he is in, not next week, not next year. We only have today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow is uncertain. Every day is a gift that we wake up and are alive. I and a lot of others on this board are not supposed to be here. If he doesn't want to celebrate Christmas, celebrate it anyway. I also think he needs a big attitude adjustment. I am grateful for this Christmas, I may not be here for the next one but only God knows the answer to that.

Bess B

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I have just started what is my fourth battle with lung cancer. I am looking at my third Christmas with lung cancer and this one is going to be no different then other Christmas'.

I have had 2 surgeries and chemo. I am starting my 3rd clinical trial. I have survived over 2 years and expect to make it 3 years come next September. I am also 60 years old, play golf and a daily basis in the summer, and did so, through much of my chemo this past summer. Lung cancer is not nessarily a death warrant. People do survive.

Attitude is the key. I visualize my cancer cells being eaten alive by a big monster mutated from the chemo, and the cancer cells are then replaced with healthy cells. I have to admit, however, lung cancer has been an emotional roller coaster for me. I also have turned to the power of prayer and spiritual well being. Spirituality is probably the most important factor in fighting lung cancer. Having a good spiritual understanding with myself has been a big help.

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Hi Tracy,

Glad your father received good news. It’s understandable how he feels and how you and your family feel. If you look at my signature you will see that I too was not a candidate for surgery. I’ve been very fortunate to have great results from chemo. It’s best for your dad to take one step at time and one day at a time. For dad too stay focused and positive. None of us can say for sure how long. He would benefit greatly from joining a support group for lung cancer. Or perhaps a phone buddy to talk to. Has he told his doctor how he feels? There are options to help him. Tell dad to enjoy the holidays. Hope this helps. Peace, take care and God Bless.



The Power Of People Helping People / The Power Of Knowledge / The Power Of God / The Power Of Believing / The Power Of Positive Thinking / The Power Of Never Taking No For An Answer / That’s The Key


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If I Could Catch a Rainbow:

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I may not be the best one to answer this as I have chosen not to treat my disease and chances are good I won't be around to celebrate next Christmas. But, as usual, I'll throw my 2 cents in anyway :).

Here's some thoughts to pass along to your Dad:

Today is all we have .... ANY of us, cancer or no cancer. Those of us with this disease have just had our noses rubbed in it more than most. That's the only difference between me and Joe the Plumber who lives down the street. I KNOW how precious TODAY is.

This disease will most likely kill me ... it will NEVER "beat" me! Only *I* can beat me, not some illness. Only *I* can decide to fold up my tent and slink off into the desert. And I ain't a gonna do that!

Having cancer in NO WAY relieves me of the responsibility I have toward my family and others that care about me.

Now, having said all that, if your Dad is in a true clinical depression and not just sitting on the pity pot ANYTHING you our any of us say may not make a dent. If that is the case I urge getting professional help and in a hurry.


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Tracy Just a thought, could the extra work of Christmas, decorations,lighting,shopping.cleaning etc. plus the extra expense of entertaining the dinner, presents.goodies have anything to do with his not wanting to celebrate this year. If money is tight from medical bills and energy is low from treatments this could be the reason. The solution is easy if this is the case have Christmas at your house this year and next year will be his turn. Just a thought, Carolyn

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The prior posts have discerned the VERY common signs & symptoms of a clinical depression. Not unusual by a long shot, but this situation requires immediate professional intervention. To prevent the continuation of the cruelties of his current mental anguish, it'd be best to consider this a true emergency.

Unfortunately, many Oncologists do not consider the "whole" person, and do not make the appropriate referrals to specialists in Behavioral Medicine, Nutrition, etcetera. The situation you've described is VERY common.

Battling cancer under the all-encompassing bleakness and crushing burden of depression is by no means healthy OR "necessary"...together they make quite a deadly duo.

PLEASE get a STAT referral to an appropriate Clinician to be eval'd for effective treatment. This will likely consist of medicines, ongoing appts for monitoring, and referrals to community cancer support groups.

Social isolation & lack of treatment are his worst enemies at the moment.

Do keep us posted on your progress in obtaining these necessary

intervention(s) on his behalf.

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Just wanted to add that my 76 year old father was diagnosed last spring w/ advanced non-small cell lung cancer. He has received both chemo and radiation, but no surgery. He's certainly had his ups and downs, but at present is feeling quite well. My mother and he have attended a few holiday gatherings and are planning one at their new condo next weekend for several of their friends. Both my parents have been decorating up a storm and are enjoying doing it. Last spring we were all doubtful as to whether Dad would be around this Christmas. Fortunately, he handled treatment well and has shown significant improvement. We are all very thankful, and much more hopeful than we were a few months ago. Thanks to all the positive people on this board, my hope continues to grow.

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