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Sorry to hear about your Mom. Also sorry you have to be here with us if Ya know what I mean but am glad you are here. This is the best place to be based on what you are going through. I cant offer a lot of advice in this situation but can say that based on this dedision you may want to take a look at the Forum entitled, "The Path Less Travelled" it is designed for people who have decided on not doing Chemo. WAnt to wish you hugs and Prayers and also let you know that we have a additional support site for Medical questions tha is run by Dr West a Licensed Oncologist from the Swedish INstitute in Seattle called


If you are looking for something specific let us know. Its ok to be clueless at first until you get used to what is going on. This is a very scary time right now ad we want to help out in any way possible..

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Welcome to the board. Please tell us more about your mom. There may be other options open to her such as radiation. My MIL was in her 80's upon diagnosis and elected to have her tumor radiated and no chemo, she led a good life for 2 more years and died from a stroke- not the lung cancer.


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Welcome to the forum. This is a great place for support.

Please let us know more about your mom - Ry is right - there may be other options available for her.

Feel free to come here and post any question or if you just need to vent - we will be here for you.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Welcome to the board,

Let us know more about your mom and why she opted out for treatment. Lung Cancer is not a death sentence and one can live with it for many years and still have a life. They have come a long way in treatments and meds to offset side effects. As long as there is life there is hope! Again welcome.


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