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Mama Update- CT results :)


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Pheeewww...this has been a long time coming! Our entire group of family and friends are ecstatic tonight!

Mom had her CT last week, and got her results today. I'll write a little here...because you guys understand the lingo.. :lol:

After all the technical jargon, we have...

IMPRESSION: Almost complete resolution of the pulmonary lesions in left hilar mass is seen since the previous exam of march 8th '08. No new mass lesion is identified. No destructive bone lesion is seen. Spiculated mass previously seen in upper left lobe is not identified. Focal scarring is also seen at the site of the posterior right mid lung lesion. No residual mass is seen in that area either.

Report also states that liver, kidneys, adrenals, lymph nodes are clear.

So basically, some things that were there, are gone entirely, and if it's not gone entirely, it's only scar tissue...can you get better news than that??

I suppose it's not the elusive NED, but not all pathologists use that term, right?

I'm stunned, and in awe, and all welled up inside!

Next scan in August

Thank you to anyone who has prayed for us, and thanks to God for giving me more time with my Mama!!!

I'm just overwhelmed with this reprieve...no matter how short lived it may be :D



(Mods- if you feel this is better placed in Good News, I understand :) )

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That's just awesome news Linda. I am thrilled for you, your mom and your entire family. The docs don't like to say or write NED on reports but really that is as good as it gets. I am praying that it darn well stays that way. Continued best wishes and hope you all enjoy the reprieve. It takes awhile to sink in though, so just keep smiling one day at a time.


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Well I certainly see why you and your family are estastic!! What GREAT news, can't get much better than that.

This is the last post Iam reading tonight as Iam falling asleep here, but at least it is ending on a positive note.

:mrgreen:A BIG CONGRATS GOES OUT TO YOUR MOM!!! :mrgreen:

Keep that good news coming!

Maryanne :wink:

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