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(not so) pleased to meet you all


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i've been reading this site a lot over the last few days and am inspired and cheered by all of your stories.

my 68 year old otherwise healthy father was diagnosed with 3b adenocarcinoma with a malignant pleural effusion one month ago. he's had the effusion drained in hospital, been sent home with a temporary drain, and last week had pleurodesis. he had to stay a bit longer with a chest tube and has been sent home with a drain, but hopes that it will be removed on friday (very little fluid is now being drained). he started tarceva on monday, february 3.

i haven't seen many success stories with wet 3b is involved. is this because it is relatively rare, or because it tends to progress quickly? my dad is across the country and i have two small children. i want to see as much of him as i can (i've already been twice and it has only been a month!) but i need to plan in advance. i was planning to take my boys to see their beloved grandfather in the summer, but now i'm worried...

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Hi, welcome to the group! I'm a wet IIIb with adenocarcinoma, doing okay 28 months after diagnosis. You can read the details by following the second link in the signature/profile section below.

No cancer cells were found in my pleural fluid, but its appearance during exploratory surgery, plus the fact that the surgeon found no other condition to account for it, caused him to declare my large effusion (filling about 3/4 of my right chest) to be "presumed malignant." So that must make me a presumed "wet" IIIb, though I haven't heard any of my doctors use that term.

How is your dad doing with the Tarceva side effects? If his next scan shows the tumors are shrinking, there's a good chance he can stay on Tarceva for a long time, and he'll probably be plenty ready for a visit from his grandsons this summer. But don't let him get out in the sun without lots of good sunblocker! :P

Best wishes and Aloha,


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Sorry you find the need to be here but I hope you will find this site full of hope and support.

I am Stage IV and still here after 28 months so there is ALWAYS hope for any stage.

Please let us know how we can help you. Ask any questions, whatever you need we will help you with.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Sorry you have a reason to be here as well. You will receive lots of support from members here. They will also pass along their experiences to your questions. Tarceva has been called a miracle drug by some members on here. Hopefully it will work just as well for your Dad so that he will have lots of time to spend with his grandkids. Please keep posting and keep us updated.

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thank you all so much for your kind and encouraging replies! we have great hope for the tarceva--he's in a clinical study so his first scan will be in 9 weeks. isaid he started on feb 3, but i was confused. it was actually the 10th, just two days ago, so no side effects yet. right now he's recovering from the pleurodesis. he's a bit better each day, but it has been very difficult.

i'm sure many of you have had the same experience: he is a very vital, active, healthy man, and all of those things seem to have changed in the wink of an eye. hopefully tarceva will stabilize things and he can get back to something of his old routines.

i am so glad that i found this site!

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Welcome here and I wish you father good results from his treatmets. Keeping a positive attitude is very important during these times. Always have a smile on your face and encourage him as he is going through this difficult times.

We are here for any questions you have.


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Hi there. I am so sorry to hear about your dad. My diagnosis was similar as a wet stage 3b. I was diagnosed in Sept 07 and although I have been through much I am still here to talk about it. Nobody knows how well each of us will do and none of us are statistics. And most importantly, there is always hope. My best wishes for your dad on Tarceva.

You will find this sit to be a great source of information and support so please ask away. And keep us posted on how you and your dad are doing. Take care


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