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Extensive stage Extrapulmonary Small Cell


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Good Morning All,

I have a new question and this looked to be the "best" forum to ask it. My Uncle was recently diagnosed with rectal cancer then, due to the pathology of the tumor it was changed to extrapulmonary small cell. After 2 cycles of chemotherapy and a ct the platinum based therapy (carboplatin, etoposide)for lung cancer did not work.

The oncologist put my Uncle back on eloxatin, oxaliplatin and leucovorin to treat the rectal cancer. From what the oncologist has said so far he thinks my Uncle may have two different types of cancer at the same time. All I can say is "WHAT"????

We went yesterday for a needle biopsy on his liver to give more info. Either way the prognosis is no good. I am VERY frustrated as we do not have time for what "might be" happening.

Has anyone gone through this? I am losing faith in the oncologist. He seems to spend a lot of time scratching his head! eeeeeek!


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