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I still miss her


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I know this is not Lung Cancer related but...

I Still Miss Her

19 years ago this week my 18 year old SIL caught a virus in her heart and 3 days later died of a heart attack.

Bridget Angelique Post aka Angel 10-11-71 to 2-15-90

I still miss her terribly and think about her all the time.

I miss her full chubby cheeks. I miss her crooked smile. I miss her squinty little eyes when she laughed.

She graduated HS at the age of 17 and got herself and apartment with a couple of room mates next door to me in the same building. I was not working at the time so we saw each other every day. We did our nails and talked and talked and talked. She was the little sister I never had.

This night last year her boyfriend knocked on my door in the middle of the night and said “Bridget needs you.” When I got to her she was curled in a ball in the middle of a queen size bed. All 4’ 9” of her and she looked like a baby lying there. I curled up behind her to comfort her and try to assess what was wrong. We decided we need to go to the hospital and as she was getting ready she passed out. Her boyfriend carried her down to the car and put her in my lap. We got to the hospital in 5 minutes and all the while Bridget kept calling for her mommy who was in Texas at the time in between her constantly losing consciousness. For a time I was the mommy.

The day she passed was actually a happy day for her. They were getting ready to transfer her to a cardiac care unit at another hospital and the doctors told her she could paint her nails. She called me and she was so happy. So an hour later I was sitting on her hospital bed giving her a manicure. The whole family was there in her room with her and we were all joking around. The nurses gave her some of those pink sponges on a stick and some straws. Every time the doctor’s would come in she would shoot them at them like darts.

To look at her you would not think anything was wrong with her.

When it was time for the transfer she was in the back of the ambulance waving at her sister that was following behind and she was so happy.

Then tragedy struck. They were getting her settled in her room and she went into cardiac arrest. They worked on her for 1 ½ hours to no avail. By the time I got to the hospital she was gone. I was met by her sister and sister’s husband in the courtyard of the hospital and they told me she was gone. I fell to the ground right there and just started screaming and crying. I don’t think I had ever cried that hard in my life up to that point.

On 2/17/90 she was buried in white lace and looked like the angel that she was.

19 years later I still grieve for her. I grieve for a life that was cut short to soon. It is the memories of the fun things above that I treasure in my heart.

I still miss her.


I also buried my aunt and had my 1st wedding anniversary to my first husband on that same day.

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You got me all misty eyed Now. But its ok though. Remember The one thing that no person in this worlkd can ever take from us is the great memories of popeople we have known throughout our lives....

http://www.inspiringthots.net/movie/wu-missing-me.php :wink: and a Hug for some peace and strength always!!!

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Denise, I'm so sorry for the loss you feel every year since your friend died all too soon. You're telling of her story is touching and true to life. It makes her journey come alive to others who were not there. It also drives home how fickle fate is when someone can go from moments of happiness shared with family and friends to not being with us at all.

Judy in Key West

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