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Happy Valentine Day everyone! My hubby and I tried to get reservations at Antonia's in Old Town and they are booked from opening at 6pm til closing at 10pm. We're going to settle for Geiger Key Marina down the road.

I finally got off my little hamster wheel and am chilling today. Well, chilling compared to my little manic the last few days. Have to admit I'm really tired but I did good! Got all Christmas in the house put away. I always do a major rearranging while I do this job because I have to make room for the new Christmas stuff I bought that I swore I would not do. Outside Christmas is mostly done. Got to go get another container.

I've decided to stay put in Key West for awhile but am already planning my next trips. Scans in early May will hopefully be combined with a May family BDay celebration (DIL and #3 grandson). The November scan will combine with daughter, #1 grandson, and daughter's boyfriend (if he's still around LOL). Whalla, the whole family is covered for the year.

Have been on cancergrace and Dr West told me about a lung cancer conference in Orlando. The Annual Meeting is May 29 and includes a speaker on Detecting Circulating Tumor Cells: Implications for Lung Cancer Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment. It seems as though that could be a very relevant topic for someone like me who was diagnosed via cells as no primary tumor could be found. I may make it my first airline trip since I got the pneumonia that started all this that got me here.

Hope everyone has a great LOVE day.

Judy in Key West

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Hi there Judy. You just don't stop moving...do you? Always planning your next adventure. It may be tiring but it must feel good to have the energy to do all that. Your valentine's dinner sounds nice. We will celebrate with the kids at home and do a special dinner.

I haven't been out of the house much since I got out of the hospital as it is a bit of an adventure getting up and down the stairs to my house. I've mostly been to medical appts. Oh well, I am feeling better and stronger every day but it will be a slow road to recovery so I just need to be patient and take it one day at a time.

The weather here is quite nice and sunny. Some neighbors have even been out mowing their lawns already. That typically starts up in early February. We have our annual flower count coming up. Everybody phones in to a central location and reports how many blooms they have in their yards. And then we share/brag about that information to the rest of the country who is well behind us. Especially those like our friend Bruce who are still in the depths of winter.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone


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Judy - wow, you're actually going to stay put for a minute or two? You probably don't realize how wiped you are until you stop for a breather. Glad you got a lot accomplished though. That trip to Orlando sounds very interesting...perhaps you will get some answers to a few unknowns? Enjoy your evening out - wherever you end up dining.

Sandra - so glad to hear that you are feeling better and stronger every day. Is your mom still there showering you with love and attention? Nothing beats a mama's love does it! I realize how hard it is for you to not be able to perform at high warp speed like you are accustomed to; however, you will get there! Patience is certainly not one of my virtues :oops: so I hope it comes more easily to you. I must admit a tiny tad bit of jealousy when I hear you talk about mowing lawns and flowers already starting to bloom. We are still knee deep in cold weather and the snow is still flying. I always start to get annoyed with this weather about mid-February ... anxious for my favorite seasons (spring/summer) to arrive in all their glory.

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine's and many days of love (not just on the 14th!)

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VAlentines Day is a capitalist holiday created by three major industries You know.. :shock:

The Chocolate industry :lol:

The Floral Industry :o and the

Restaurant industry :oops:

Every day should be a day for Love and not Money!! :wink::lol::):D

Now that I have that off my chest I am working my Pastry Chef Butt off to make 1500 people happy that I dont even know!! :twisted::twisted::P

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Judy, you are so full of energy. :D

Wish I were. :roll::lol: ... Still resting from all that snow shovelling.

Tomorrow, Bill and I will be spending the day with our youngest son, Joe, who is up from Orange County, Florida.

He will be updating on things with Bill, and checking in on his old friends. It's nice to have him up here rather than via phone and emails.

This weather isn't too bad right now, except for the winds we had yesterday, wow, more than a bit scary. Those flags on the lawn got a real workout. You could hear that turbulence, even with the windows closed and the storms down.

As to flowers, won't have any until weeks from now, when the crocus peeks out from the border on our front lawn. That will be a cheerful sight.

Randy, that pastry sounds wonderful. My favorites are chocolate eclairs. Notice, I made that plural. :)

Everyone, have a lovely Valentine's Day, and all good days forward.


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