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I am new here...hello all


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Just found this message board....good to see everyone. I am a non-small cell left lower lobectomy survivor since September 16, 2004. Did not have to have chemo or radiation. I am from Northern California. I attend an oncology support group through Kaiser Permanente twice a month, which has been so helpful. I look forward to meeting some of you.

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Welcome Kat. That is such great news to hear. This is a great site with very supportive members. Good news stories such as your's always provides encouragement especially to new members. Please keep posting.

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Hi, Kat:

You're exactly the type of person our newly diagnosed members need to hear from. Several join every week, and it would be great if you could help us welcome them. To avoid a lot of repetitive typing, many of us have posted the details of our cancer journey in the My Story forum, then put a link to that post in the profile/signature block that automatically appears at the bottom of each message we send.

I'm glad you've found a good support group to attend in person. Relatively few of our members have been able to find one where they felt comfortable. For whatever reason, your Kaiser Permanente group must be "a cut above." Aloha,


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Welcome Kat. You can see how our members rally around a new member. We want everyone to feel welcome and become a part of this family that is so important to so many of us. Some of us like you have beaten the beast, some have been successfully battling it for a long time, and others are just starting on their journey. No matter where we are in this unwelcome relationship to cancer, we are all here to help and support one another.

I just recently joined a face-to-face support group that meets in a hospice office. It's too soon to tell but I think it will be good. It was surprising to me that all the members so far have their cancer treatments behind them, some longer than others. They continue to come together, however, to offer support as people need it.

Judy in Key West

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Hello Kat,

Welcome to our family. I am so excited that this year you will be a 5 year survivor. My husband will also join you in Oct.

So glad you joined us as so many of our newcomers are so scared when the hear that first diagnosis. We have all walked in their shoes and its people like us and you that gives them hope. LC is not a death sentence as there are so many treatments out there.

Again Welcome!

Maryanne :wink:

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