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update- not what I was hoping


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My mum completed her 6th cycle chemo and after recent scan we went for results confident everything would be good and a go ahead for PCI cause mum looks great. Alas lung tumor and lymph node shrunk completely but an area of bone in her back has shown up. he is going to do a bone scan on Fri to take a better look, he says it could be from the neupogen she took for the white blood cells but it sounds like cancer. I am terrified for her. Can anyone with a bone met tell me more. thx everyone. Shona

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Hi Shona. Well congrats on all the other good news. A bone met does not need to be so terrible. They can be radiated on successfully. There are many here who have had successful treatments to them. So think of it rather as a small bump in the road and best wishes with treatment.


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I agree with Sandra, Shona. Focus on the good news--shrinkage is great. Wait and see what the bone scan says and hope for the best. If it's not what you hope for, there will be a treatment plan. If there is anything I've learned associating with many cancer survivors is, there is usually more hope of winning than we suspect going in the gate.

Judy in Key West

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