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today would have been my mom's birthday


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I haven't dreamed of my mom in a very long time- but I had a dream about my mom last night. It was random and didn't make real sense but she hugged me, and put her forehead to my forehead and I remember feeling wonderful and safe and loved right down to my toes...that was a nice gift to have been given...

Will go to the cemetary today and bring flowers for both my parents.

Happy birthday in heaven mom....I miss you SO MUCH...everyday


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That is absolutely the Very BESTEST Gift anyone can get Katie!!!! I am glad for Your wonderful dream and Hope you have a peaceful memorial day for Mom today!! :wink:

Hugs and Prayers!

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Thank you for your sweet replies everyone.

The day is almost over and it's been quite peaceful.

Kennedy woke up early not feeling well and had developed a fever. Which meant lots of medication and her crashing on the sofa so I didn't get to go to the cemetary today or anywhere for that matter.

I wonder in a weird way if this was another "gift" from mom today...she always felt compelled to go to cemetary to "visit" my dad...daily at first for almost a year!, then weekly, then holidays...then she would say- it always makes me feel worse...makes me remember the "bad" stuff...makes me miss him more...." She was realizing shortly before she died herself, that the less she went to the cemetary to visit my dad, the more she remembered the good memories with him....

Wonder if Kennedy's mystery fever "coincidentally" saved me some pain today...and kept me right here where I belong...

Gee, i guess my ma is still taking care of me in some ways.


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