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Radiation Side Effects


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I am hoping that someone has had experience with something similar to my situation, and can give me some information on their recovery.

I had my left lung removed in 1998, and fortunately my pulmonary function remained very good even with just the one remaining lung. (I never did plan to climb Mt. Everest anyway). I just finished 7 weeks of radiation for the tumor in my right lung, and was not at all prepared for the breathing difficulties I've encountered. The doctor tells me they treated 30-40% of the right lung. When I've asked if any of the pulmonary function will return, they basically say they don't know.

Of course, I knew there would be some damage done from the radiation, but didn't envision anything close to this much difficulty.

Although I haven't posted much on this site as yet, I do want everyone to know how much support this group has been. I only wish I had found something like this in 1998.

Thank you.


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I do not have any first hand information of radiation to the lung but did want to tell you that I hope things get better for you soon.

Seems like you are a long-time survivor if you had a lung removed in 1998. Good for you - keep up the good work. Let us know more about you - you will be such an inspiration here, especially to the new members.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hi, Diane. You can get a reliable answer by posting your question in the Forums section of cancergrace.org (GRACE — Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education). GRACE is led by Dr. Howard "Jack" West, a Seattle oncologist who is an internationally-recognized expert on lung cancer and who gives high priority to promptly answering questions online. You can expect a response from him or one of the radiation oncologists on the GRACE faculty within 24 hours, even on holidays and weekends. A lot of us are "dual citizens" and have the same usernames there as here.



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Hello Diane and welcome. Wow after being cancer free for 10 years I bet that was quite a shock when it showed its ugly head again. I dont have a answer for you but have often wondered how they would treat mine if it reappeared.After 10 years wouldnt it most likely be a new primary than a recurrance?Hopefully they got it all radiated and your breathing will improve.Are you on oxygen now? I hope and pray the best for you.Please keep us updated. Mike

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