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Nick C

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There will always be things in life that would be great to have my mom at. Most of these things I have experienced at least once without her. Christmas, Thanksgiving, birth of a child etc. But today is Sophie's one year birthday party. The first of many birthday celebrations for Sophie and hopefully at least one other kid one day. But today is the first. And I don't get to see my mom's smile at the day.

And all week I've been in a funk. Boy do I miss her.

On top of that one of my buddies did one of these face book lists, 15 albums that shaped your life, so I did my list. This one brought up SO many memories. One of my albums is "The Point" by Nilsson. This album used to make me tear up even before mom was sick...it's such a fond childhood memory of mine. I found the CD today as Keri has never heard it. I told her I couldn't listen to it. Not a chance. I opened the CD and read the first two lines of the first song and broke down. That was enough of that.

Amazing how much I miss her.

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Keep your eyes on Sophie. I bet you'll see your mom's smile and I pray that will being a smile to your face. She is still with you. Not in the way you want her to be, but she had left so much of herself with you and with Sophie that she will be with you always.



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Ah Nick ~ so sorry you and Sophie must spend her first b-day without your mom and her smile. Now I KNOW it is so very FAR from the real thing, BUT I bet if you would post a new pic of tht cute little thing you would be able to feel all the cyber smiles from many cyber moms here. My attempt to shame you into posting Sophie's birthday pic, Nick. And again, sorry for the pain of your loss.


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She is adorable Nick and the smile is justr so INFECTIOUS!!!!! Love it. How do ya leave home to go to work in the Morning!! Prayers and positive thoughts and


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OK first....she is beautiful, and I love that you see a piece of your mom in her.

Though, I am not as far down this road as you are(2 months without my mom), I understand! I do believe your mom is will be there celebrating with you! As dedicated of a mom as she was...she wouldn't miss it!

Enjoy that special day, as a mom of a 13 and 11 year old, trust me when I say the time flies!

Happy Birthday,


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I get it.

I remember when you announced the Keri was expecting- how could you do this without your mom to share it with...and you did make it thru, with some smiles and some tears.

Now it's been a year already- where does the time go?

And you have a precious beautiful daughter.

Your mom is always with you Nick. She is a part of you and that beautiful baby of yours always- when you look into those eyes, when Sophie looks into yours...

It's ok to miss your mom like crazy. This won't be the last time.


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