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After successful treatment...


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Hello Everyone,

The last time I was on, I had updated that Mom had clean scans and the Cleveland Clinic docs didn't want to see her for 4 months - her longest 'break' ever! I am so grateful for that, please don't get me wrong. My folks are in Florida and have been since early January. I was so pleased they could 'go south' this year, as last winter was spent in chemo and radiation.

However, I just got a message from my Dad that my mom's energy is at best sustaining and on days, lessening. She has been trying to walk each day to build her strength but today she tried to push herself a bit (walking at a faster pace). She came in bent over and walking crooked and said she would never try that again. She continues to nap everyday and was unable to buy a gift for my son's birthday (this is a BIG deal - buying the perfect gift for the grandkids is especially important to my mom).

To you on this board only, I must admit I am discouraged! I had hoped this time in FL would be rejouvenating and she would make great strides in strength and stamina. She fought the beast and won, but the beast is still taking the mom I know and love. And so my question is - do you have experience with loved ones (or yourself) that life just simply isn't the same, even after successful treatment? Or (and I would only even breath this to you all) is this a possible indication that the beast is back?

I don't know if I've said it before, but I hate cancer.



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Hi Nicole. I guess it would be hard not to be discouraged from your dad's report. But really it is hard to say what might be the cause. I know that the side effects from treatments can last for many many months, so it might just be that. Unfortunately, only a scan will tell what is really going on. So even after successful treatments, it seems that this beast continues to haunt...and that is the new normal. Yep...I hate cancer too! Maybe just try to focus on the good stuff until the next scan....way easier said than done. Take care


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Hi Nicole

Sorry to hear that your Mom's " big break " is not going as you had hoped. I think until you get scan's done it is difficult to guess at what may be the cause. I think the new normal is the usual after you fight this beast. even when you win, it takes it's toll on your body. Maybe your expectations for your Mom are based on pre treatment and may not be realistic now ? Maybe it is a result of that thing which catches up with all of us....age. There could be a number of reason's for it but I can understand that your first thought's would be cancer related. Take care Nicole and please keep us updated. I am sure she still has her great sense of humor.

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I am so glad that your mom and dad were able to go to Florida but I sure wish it was going better for her. Like the others have said, it could just be that all the chemos and raidations have taken a toll on her body and she is pushing too hard to resume her "pre-cancer diagnosis" activity level.

As hard as it is to wait, I guess only a scan will tell. When does she come back from Florida.....maybe pushing up the scan would be an idea?????

Oh, and by the way, I hate cancer, too!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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From one who has been there and done it, I can tell you the treatments take a tremendous toll on your body. I've had a couple of amazing bursts of energy beginning about 4 months out from my last treatment and, even then, the fatigure returns. I'm figuring, like Katie says, it could take up to a year before I consistently feel like my old (and now a year older) self. Hope for the best and try not to worry too much (like Sandra said "easier said than done") until the next scans.

Judy in Key West.

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I haven't been on in a while, but my dad is over three years into remission from small cell. My dad lost MUCH of his ambition, and quite honestly it never came back full strength. I still think there is a bit of a deal with depression, which he refuses to admit, but in general he just is wiped out.

Don't be discouraged, but do be on the look-out. I, personally, hated when they moved to 4 months, instead of 3. I liked the consistent "good report!" We are not into 6-7 months appointments, and I just feel like I always have to be on the lookout.

Stay strong and know this can be beat...yes, cancer sucks!


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