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how long you are taking / took Prednisone?


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I am seeking for your stories about how long you took / are taking Prednisone for beating the Radiation Pneumonitis or for beating the dry cough?

because Prednisone certainly is not a good pill that I want to know what is the side effect happened on some of you!! I want to know how many days ahead my Dad has to take this med !

Thank you for your kind contribution on this matter.

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1st week - 8 pills per day (no improvement)

2nd week - 6 pills per day (no improvement)

3rd week - 4 pills per day (very bad - severe cough and shortness of breath)

4th week - back to 8 pills per day (much better)

5th week - 6 pills per day (much much better)

6th week - 4 pills per day

this week - 2 pills per day (still feeling great)

doctor suggested to take 1 pill next week, then stop.

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RP is a tough one because the severity and response to treatment varies so much from person to perosn. I started prednisone in Novembr of 2002 and responded very well but symptoms returned before I finished tapering off of the medicine so we had to go back up on the dose. I was taking a very high dose for several months and got pretty bad muscle weakness and weight gain. I've been very slowly tapering now for the last few months and I'm down to 15mg/day now and side effects are not so severe. In my experience and reading I'd say don't be too anxious to taper the prednisone too fast or too soon.


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I took a short series of prednizone in July. then in Oct started 20 mg per day and gradually tapered until now am on 2 1/2 mg per day and then everyother day until next week. Hopefully then I can stay off for awhile. In addition to the cough I lose my appetite and weight when I go off it but am hoping for better results this time.

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Prednisone!! Argh!! no joy...

I had "reactive airways" -- like a mild asthma, if I was starting to get a cold or other virus my airways would tighten up and the doctor prescribed a several day course of prednisone -- maximum 40-50 mg/day, for 3-5 days maximum, then taper off.

Wild symptoms. Wild dreams. When I could sleep at all. Moody, irrascible, foul tempered, weepy, depressed.

I am VERY fortunate -- although the pulmonist thought the lung reactivity was radiation-related, this last year and a half the lungs are much less reactive, and react very slowly to any viral challenge. I think that means I'm gettting better.

Although I have not had long course of prednisone, I do know it has a lot of side effects besides water retention and appetite stimulation ( supposedly). I have friends who also have horror stories about moodiness with this drug.

On the other hand, forewarned is forearmed!! Talk to your doctor, this is no medicine to fool with stopping and starting.

Good luck. I'll keep you in my prayers.


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I agree with Sam whenever they tried to taper my dad off, he always got a little worse each time. Actually the first time they wanted him to taper off is when he ended up on oxygen. Prednisone has many different side effects, from extreme mood changes to weakening muscles to weight gain and many more. My dad pulmonolgist used to call it the necessary evil.

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