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Need Your Ideas....Please


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I'm heading a group of our American Legion Ladies's Auxiliary this year and I want to do something to help cancer patients and their families while they are receiving chemotherapy. I remember when Dennis was getting chemo, we were at MD Anderson for 5-6 hours some days and you can only read a magazine so many times before it becomes very boring.

I have an idea to fill bags with things that can help pass the time while either having chemo or waiting on a patient. I need you to help me think of items to collect for these bags. I have thought of crossword puzzle books, word search books, snacks, pens and pencils,and note pads. But...I know you guys and gals can help me be more creative.

So....please share some ideas!!!!

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This is not something that you could put in a bag but if anyone in your group is craft handy this is an idea. I go to the Cleveland Clinic and they have a group called the 4th Angel which is through the Scott Hamilton Foundation. The ladies make those blankets where you get two pieces of comfy material and cut the tabs all around the edges and then tie them together with knots. Well, I was lucky enough to get one last month - its beautiful - solid blue on one side and blue with white snowflakes on the other. They have a note pinned on it that says:We hope this blanket covers you with love and warmth during your treatment. Stay Strong and be brave!!

Its beautiful and I will cherish it forever. So if you have any "crafty" ladies maybe they can do something like that - even just knit some caps for people who have lost their hair.

And I like the idea of the travel sized games. Even decks of playing cards would be good.

Wishing you luck, Ann - its a wonderful thing you are doing!

Hugs - Patti B.

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You guys all have such great ideas. I think this is going to be a really fun and fulfilling project for all of our members. Patti...I love those blankies!!! My DIL made me one for Christmas. She does a great job with these, so I can have her teach us how.

Please....more ideas!!!

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Ann, you might throw in some hard candy and some cracker snacks.. nabs or those Handisnacks that have cheese a little knife and cheese spread ( if you have seen them, you would know). Your idea is very good and original.

Other things that were done at our Cancer center were a cart with ice , cups and softdrinks was rolled around and they approached the patients and whoever accompanied them and offered them drinks while they waited for doctor appointments or were getting chemo. Another thing they did was bring in a cart loaded with cake, cookies, finger sandwiches etc. and small plates and napkins.

No wonder I'm so fat, all I think about is food.. :oops:


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I just wanted to let you all know that our group voted to go full force ahead with this project and I'm so excited about it!!! If you continue to get any ideas about helpful little things that could go in these bags, please let me know.

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